Friday, 4 January 2019

I kinda forgot about my blog!

Hello 2019!

I was just casually sitting on the loo, as you do, and thought I think I'm going to start writing my blog again. I actually only wrote twice in 2018, but this really could be somewhere I write down how my studies are going, how life around my studies is working and almost a reflection of things in general.

So, the title of my blog isn't really true anymore, as I'm now a student, but to be honest I'm busier now than when I was working. I'm either at University 2-3 days a week or working on placement 30 hours a week (unpaid may I add, but that frustration is for another time).

Being a student midwife isn't the same as say studying English, because we actually have a requirement set by the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) of a certain amount of hours being fulfilled per academic year. So when the uni pretty much becomes a ghost town around the end of May, we're about to go back out on placement before we get our 3 weeks summer holiday. 
I know people in the 'work world' will probably be thinking "oh thats a hardship", but we actually can't take any other time off than what is set for us.

We have 3 weeks in the summer, 2 weeks at Christmas and 2 weeks at Easter (which doesn't match the school holidays).

Plus as I mentioned earlier, we work 30 hours a week on placement for zero pennies. With the bursary having been scrapped, this year I will work 660 hours (22 weeks) for not one little piece of shrapnel.

So, with that in mind, I really savour my 'annual leave' weeks at home with Noah. 
Except these past 2 weeks have been completely overridden by the panic stricken status that has occupied my mind, due to 2 assignments reaching deadline as soon as we return to uni! 

I'm a bit of a boff-job so I purposefully got one of them finished before Christmas so that it was off of my mind, but a group presentation is still looming and is to be 'presented' on 9th January.

This last week my bed time has been approx 3am, which is strange because I'd struggle to stay in a nightclub until that time these days! I have been beavering away at my laptop until the early hours, treasuring the silent time so that I can get my work finished. 
See, it's really difficult to get uni work completed when Noah is home from school and he doesn't go back until Monday. So my time from 9pm until 3am has been optimum study time.

With my sleep hours being so deprived lately, you'd think the early night I had last night would be welcomed....... but I couldn't sleep for well over an hour and instead laid in bed messaging one of my uni girls about our presentation. What is wrong me?!?!

This sounds like i'm doing a lot of moaning, which I don't mean it to because I'm genuinely still absolutely loving the course and my journey.

To think I used to earn pretty good money for a flexible job, yet my face looked like a smacked arse most days compared to now being told I'm always so smiley and not getting paid at all, tells me I made the right decision.

I'm now officially on countdown to 12pm on the 9th January, when the presentation will be over and i'll be on holiday mode as we fly to New York the following morning.

Now to learn my lines and stop feeling nervous!


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