Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Pretty boring of late......

I must start this blog with the disbelief that I haven't been on to tell you all about my visit to the O2 a few weekends back..................... One Direction night!!!!!!

Firstly, our seats were amazing! Secondly, I was under the same roof as Harry Styles and thirdly I have only just gained my hearing back. I know I'm 30 years old and I'm aware that Harry has only just turned 19, but I'm only human and this doesn't seem to bother me for some reason!

Apparently I spent a lot of time gawping and wiping away drool, whilst singing along to every song they sang. There was a time when I would say I was uber cool, going to festivals, being all rock 'n' roll, and I still do like to think I am like that, but I am officially a mum who loves pop music. I even bought myself a One Direction t-shirt, which has the 5 good looking chaps faces across my boobies!

Anyway, once I had eventually left the O2, residing myself to the fact that Harry hadn't noticed me and invited me back for champagne, it then hit me that yes I am 30, it was extremely late and I had work the next morning. Oh to be young again!

The last couple of weeks seem to have been mayhem. Noah had a really bad flare up with his eczema down to me changing our washing powder, trying to grab a bargain and get whatever was on offer. I had to get him into the dermatologist as quick as possible to have him looked at. Two tubes on steroid cream in tow and 4 days of strict routine, he looked as good as new!

I then had to go away for a training course with work to the notorious training college (the one with the bad sausages that made me sick). This involved leaving the house on the Sunday night as late as possible so that Noah was tucked up in bed, driving to rugby ready for the course on the Monday. Luckily it was only a one day course and we were able to get away from there at 3:00pm to head home. We didn't head to the bar on the Sunday night as thankfully it is closed on Sunday's, but the whole stay was disastrous. We had no accommodation booked, the rooms were freezing and in the morning no hot water what so ever! Great! We don't expect the Ritz, but at least some hot water!

On Friday last week I had to head back to the dermatologist with Noah to make sure his skin was all ok and it is amazing how a week with steroid cream can make all the difference. His skin looks normal! Apart from it being that pale colour which unfortunately comes with the ginger hair.

Later that night, I began getting chest pains, which I didn't know why they had began. We were on our way to one of my best friends 30th get together drinks so I just thought I was coming down with something and tried to forget about it. Come Sunday night, still having the chest pains, I thought I should probably get a doctors appointment at some point. Once Noah was in bed, he began to start coughing too and making strange noises in his sleep, so Tony turned the monitor up and we made sure we kept an ear out for him.

The problem with me is that since everything that happened when I had Noah, I struggle to sleep, especially if I am worrying about something. So I was worrying about my chest pain, Noah coughing and also this lump that Noah has had on his neck for 6 months. I have taken him to the doctors about it before but she said it was an enlarged lymph gland and that it should go down. 6 months on, it still hasn't so time to take it further I think.

I lost count of how many times I looked at the clock on Sunday night, but it was the longest night ever! All too soon, the alarm was going off and I felt I had only just fallen asleep. I informed work straight away that I was going to get a doctors appointment that morning and come 10:00 we were on our way to be seen.

I am so glad I went now! Noah has been referred for a second opinion as apparently the lymph gland should go down when he is well but can be inflamed when he is poorly. The fact that this lump is clearly visible in his neck is not right, so he will be seen by a specialist soon I hope. The doctor then went on to have a chat with me about why I wanted to see her and she has diagnosed me with suffering from anxiety and stress.

When she asked me if there was any reason I was stressed, I just had to laugh! It could be any of the following; working 30 hours a week, running a house, having a 20 month year old son who has undergone surgery already in his life and suffers with bad eczema, constantly feeling like a headless chicken, trying to do a diploma with work that I am falling so far behind on, beginning wedding preparations, getting prepared for a court case against the NHS, constantly battling with thoughts in my own head about everything that has happened, being happy for every single person who announces they are pregnant whilst also feeling jealous but then feeling bad for feeling this way............. it could go on forever!

So I have now been prescribed these tablets that slow your heartrate and calm anxiety and am going to see how it goes. The chest pains are still there, so am off for blood tests also just in case it is something else, but other than that, I am back to work tomorrow.

Going back to work is a good thing, as it means I can hit the gym! After the baking I have done today, I think this may be the best thing for me as my bikini body won't happen otherwise.

Thought I'd add a little pic also of my boys. My constant reason to smile, my absolute everything.

Cheap fun days out!

I haven't posted for a while, basically due to being really boring, so thought I'd get back on it tonight, whilst also having the luxury of painting my nails! Ooooooooh, get me!

I've wanted to do an information page for a while of fun, free/cheap places to take kiddies and with the hope that the last of the snow has fallen, I thought I would do it now.

I have been to all of the following places, some before having Noah and some since he arrived. Hope you find some of it useful and try them out yourself now the weather should hopefully pick up!

  • The Barnyard - This beautiful little place in Upchurch, Kent is such a hidden gem! Fantastic restaurant and farm shop, along with animals that you can visit for free! The animals consist of Ponies, Llama's, Alpaca's, Pigs, Goats, Ducks, Swans...... the list continues. You can get up close to the animals and touch them. There are hand gel pumps all around the fencing so that you keep the little ones hands clean just before you settle down in the grassed area ideal for picnics.
  • Danson Park - Located in Bexley, this park is amazing for picnics and a good fun day playing any sort of games you wish. It is so big that there is always enough room so as you don't feel you are sitting on top of people. A big lake is situated in the middle of the park where for a small charge you can hire out a rowing boat. There are ice cream vans at the entrance to the park so that you can treat yourself on the way home!
  • Riverside Country Park - A recent find for ourselves, this park located on the Medway estuary is a must for anyone who enjoys walks along the sea and being able to stop for a tea & cake whilst the kids play among the wooded playground. Keeps kids entertained for hours and I know for a fact that Noah did not want to leave!
  • Capstone Farm Country Park - Another park which has a fantastic playground, fishing lake and cafe to keep the tea topped up. This park also has a fitness trail, which makes for good fun, especially if you have a fitness fanatic as a fiance who see's every piece of equipment as a competition!
  • Bartons Point Coastal Park - Located on the Isle of Sheppey directly opposite the beach, this area has recently had a revamp. Now consisting of a sandpit and climbing frame, alongside the original boating lake you can enjoy a picnic with the added plus of popping over to the beach if you fancy a change of scenary.
  • Mote Park - Located in Maidstone, this park is huge! Ideal for long summer walks, picnics, playing in the playground and general family fun. Lovely historical facts available all the way around the park, it gives you some knowledge of the area as well as having a fab day out.
Now lets pray for some sunshine so we can start making the most of our wonderful country parks here in Kent!