Sunday, 18 December 2016

We're so lucky.....

Again, it's been forever since I have posted but life is pretty much full to the brim.

If I'm not working, I'm studying. If I'm not studying, I'm being a wife and mum. 

It's all worth it though as with each day I'm closer to my forever dream and so far am enjoying my journey to reach it.

This post is just a little something different as it's close to Christmas. A time where we can all get a little wrapped up in what goodies we are going to be opening in a weeks time from under the tree. 

Last night as we were walking back to the car after watching the pantomime in Maidstone, we saw 2 rough sleepers on Week Street. 

A time of year when the streets were packed with revellers, celebrating the festive period on works do's and out with friends. A time of year when it is so cold outside and last night was particularly foggy.

Homelessness has always been something that really gets to me. I think it's because I would be petrified to be homeless, on my own, sleeping outside, in the dark, at night. I don't even like getting out of my car late at night and walking to my front door. Considering I park on my driveway, thats really quite pathetic. 

Tony gave the second homeless person we saw any money he had left, which unfortunately wasn't much, but hopefully it bought a drink (whether that be alcoholic or not, I'm not here to judge).

I then downloaded the app 'Street Link' as I knew this is a way to report anyone you see rough sleeping. 

It is designed to alert a local council run team where there is a rough sleeper and for them to be able to try and get to them asap. They can maybe provide them with shelter and start them off with the right contacts they need to help them. 

Now whether this is what that person wanted or not, they can soon tell them they are not interested, but I couldn't not report it in case they just hadn't been given that chance yet.

So, if any of you see someone sleeping rough, maybe give it a go. You can even tick the box to say you don't want to be contacted anymore about it if they need more info. 

Street Link may just be the break someone needs this Christmas.

We're all so lucky, however much we think we're not. We have a roof over our heads, food in the cupboards, family/friends around us and are looking forward to the next week's celebrations. 

Lets all be happy and enjoy the life we have been given. 

Merry Christmas you filthy animals! :-) xx