Sunday, 31 January 2016


I have not written a blog post for ages and thought i'd use tonight, sat on the sofa, to have a little share of whats been happening lately for me.

We are finally at the end of the most depressing month of the year! How dull is January?! The come down from Xmas and obviously my birthday, the worst weather forced upon us & the long wait for pay day all add to the grey month that is the first of the year.

So imagine how much worse my January was made when I was told to go to hospital as the doctor thought I had appendicitis. 
Basically, I have this pain every so often in my lower right abdomen, that is a sharp stabbing type pain. It hurts to move, lift my leg, in fact do anything! When the pain started most recently, I was moaning about it, something apparently I do a lot (moan that is), and I thought it would be gone by the morning like all the other times. I woke up on the Friday, with the pain most definitely still there. I also felt really nauseous. On a par with morning sickness feeling. So I was concerned as it seemed different.

I luckily got a morning appointment at the doctors and after him taking my blood pressure a few times and realising that yes I do have low blood pressure, he examined me and was quite convinced I had appendicitis. He rang Medway and told me to go straight to the surgical assessment unit. Luckily Tony was able to take me and I spent the next 2 days with the medical team still thinking I had appendicitis as apparently all signs were pointing to that.

I had a scan, which was horrendously painful, was nil by mouth and attached to a fluid's drip for the whole of the Saturday. I have never been so bored in my life!! Stuck on a bed with nothing to do but nap, was not my idea of a good weekend! I was finally allowed home on the Saturday night after the consultant had been to see me and I didn't have appendicitis...... yay!

They have found a large cyst on my cervix, although that is not what is causing the pain. They think my ovaries, which I still have after the hysterectomy when I had Noah, have stuck to my internal wall with scaring and this will be causing the pain. They think the pain is a monthly problem, but as I don't have period's anymore, I can't say whether it is, so I need to start recording it. 

I still have the pain slightly today, just over a week later, but I have a gynaecology appointment on the 8th March, so hopefully will know more then. They've already said that they will go in with a camera through my belly button to have a look around, so hopefully that will be booked in soon!

And to top it off, I have had an awful cough for 2 weeks now also. Its driving me insane, as I'm sure it is Tony too! I even slept on the sofa the other night as I kept waking him and Noah up. Its got to go soon surely?! 

I've not been in the gym because of the cough, so my mission to get back on the weightless train has been halted! Got to get a move on!! The countdown for a holiday to Italy is well and truly ticking and I need to get in my dress I have for the wedding we are attending!

So, thats been my January really! I'm desperate for some sunshine!!! I can't bear this weather at the moment. Anyone want to buy me, Tony and Noah a holiday?! If you do, please get in touch asap :-)