Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Anxiety blah blah blah....

A few of my closest friends know I've been having a hard time of late, but as I am not one to keep things to myself, I thought I'd do a little post on how I've been feeling.

Stressed out doesn't come close to how bad I've felt. Any little thing that has annoyed me has almost sent me over the edge. Silly little things & I'm off ranting, having heart palpitations & having chest pains. 

It's not been any one thing in particular, but an accumulation of lots of things. My job is fine, certain aspects of my role are not. My life feels like it's 100 miles per hour every day. I've been doing too much hair after work & now that Tony does private PT sessions, I feel like we have no quality time.

Then there's the whole "I'm so broody & yet there's nothing I can do about it" saga. This is going to be a lifelong battle when it comes to dealing with my anxiety/depression. 

I finally bit the bullet & went to the doctors. After having a mini panic attack just sitting in the waiting room (I know, I'm weird), I was wondering how I'm going to get across to her how I feel. How am I going to make her realise I'm serious about how I feel & that I don't want to feel like this anymore? 
I realised the second she asked me how I was & I cried the entire appointment that I didn't have to try & get anything through to her!

So she's helped me out, really the most understanding doctor ever & I am grateful how much she listened to me. 

I can't go without saying just how great Tony is with me too. If there's any two people who can make me feel better, it's my two boys. 

I'm glad I went to get this sorted now though as three years is a long time to have left it I think & it's just getting worse.

Hopefully now on the road to feeling good, without worry & stress dominating my life!