Saturday, 21 May 2016

Eeeeeek! Big changes for meeeeee!

I haven't blogged for so long, I now have far too much to tell you! So the best thing for me to do is just go with the up to date stuff.

Firstly, I've taken huge steps in changing my life,  AT LAST!!!!

If it wasn't for my wonderful friend Leanne, this wouldn't even be happening but she passed on some info to me which has set the ball rolling!

For at least the last 11 years I have longed for the chance to become a Midwife but there's always been a reason I haven't done it. First reason was that I thought I needed at least a C grade in Science GCSE, then it just wasn't the right time, then we bought a house & I needed to work, next came Noah which mentally put me off for a while, now I feel I'm ready!

Leanne gave me some details on a distance learning access course to Nursing & Midwifery which is fully funded by the government, so I thought let's grab the bull by the horns & go for it!

I am just awaiting to hear back from the financing people & I should be good to go as of the 6th June! Oh my god, I'm going to be a student & ive never been more excited!

Today I attended an open day at Medway Hospital & it offered a wealth of knowledge, plus a lovely tour of the maternity unit. We saw a few mums to be & it just heightened my want to work in the midwifery field. It was really amazing!

I'm aware that the distance learning course is going to be hard, especially whilst working, running a home & being a mum, but this is something I have wanted for so long I know I can make it work. I have been applying for new jobs within the NHS which are less hours (and considerably less pay) but it would help with time & experience.
I have also started contacting children's centres to hopefully volunteer at some sessions. I'm hoping all of this will help when I eventually apply for University!

September 2017 is my aim for beginning a Midwifery degree, and I'm already excited by this prospect. I feel that at the age I am at now, I will really understand the level of learning, leading to success at graduation stage.

So the plan is to be out of my current job as soon as I get a new one, start studying for my dream career & be extremely happy before I am 40!

Will keep you all posted!!!!