Tuesday, 8 December 2015

For Eve

As many of you know, our family lost a beautiful member a couple of weeks ago as she was so heartbreakingly taken to be an Angel far too soon in her young life. 

We are nearing the day that we are all dreading and I thought now was the time I could do a little post for our amazing Eve. 

She used to love reading my blog for some reason and I feel this is a good place to put down little things about her that I would love others to know. 

If you knew Eve, as I know many of you did, you will all know how bubbly, funny, silly and ditzy she was. With her infectious laugh and huge smile, you would never be able to miss her at an event. She was the 3 'P's'; pretty, popular and passionate. 
As you can see, I didn't use the word perfect, a word that so often gets bounded around when somebody has passed. Who the hell is perfect?! There's no way Eve was! For one thing she was too argumentative and opinionated! A girl after my own heart! 

Eve was diagnosed with Breast Cancer around Oct/Nov 2013 time and I remember being so shocked by this. You never think of people who you are close with to be dealt such a crap hand. But if anyone was going to beat it, it was going to be Eve. She was positive and fought through the whole ordeal amazingly. Not to mention she was the MOST glamorous cancer patient anyone had ever seen!!! An absolute babe!!!! 

Everything was so celebratory around this time last year! At my sister Donna's baby shower at the beginning of February this year, I was trying to talk her out of having bloody hair extensions! Her beloved hair had just begun to grow back and she couldn't bear it being short. If only she realised how beautiful she was regardless of her hair.

After that, as many of you know, things went completely the opposite way and we're where we are today.

Being just over 5 years older than me, you can imagine the impact Eve had on my life as well as her younger sister Sherrie. Donna was that little bit younger, but did her best to keep up! Terri (Eve's older sister) and Eve were cool! They had permed hair, with LA Gear trainers, which laced up with double fluorescent laces! They sat with their friends over the beach hut and had boyfriends! They had birthday parties that we were invited to and this involved teenage boys at the house! Wow!

One of our favourite home video's to talk about and remember is a night when we were all at my Aunt Kaye and Uncle John's, for Bank Hol August 1989 (I think). Me and Sherrie insisted on wearing these ridiculous gypsy style tops, which we continuously wanted pulled off our shoulders. Eve must have spent the whole night sorting these out for us, whilst us younger ones all ran around a toy horse singing to music for hours. 
This the same night Eve showed us all her 'toe jam' on the video (fluff between your toes) and Terri and Eve wheeled their Nanny Dora around the front room on the armchair calling her Nanny Glitter! 

This is a normal night when us lot get together and New Years Day 2007/8 (yet again I think) was another one to remember. 
The men were all at the pub, typical, and the women were all at Kaye and John's. We were all saying that the men got all the fun and when they came back we were always just sat around. So we decided that when we saw them out the front window, we would all jump up and start dancing to make it seem we were having the best time ever without them. This happened countless times, every time someone walked past the house and we were in fits of laughter every time. Eve's crazy laugh leading the cackle from us all. 

Its stories like this that will always make me smile so fondly when I think of them and I will remember her laugh always.

The question for our family is how do you ever fill such a huge void where her personality will no longer be there? The card games, with the cheating. The food fights. The hilarious stories. All of these were because of Eve. 

How? Why? They are questions that will be asked for years to come. 

All I hope is that she is remembered always, with memories that span years for many people and that she lives on in the stories that will forever be repeated.

Everyone is welcome to her funeral and I hope she is given the send off that she so wonderfully deserves. 

Popular until the end. Lets pack that place out with the love everyone has for her forever.