Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Long overdue......

I haven't blogged for an absolute age & too be honest there is no other reason than I have been so busy with general life, it's been at the back of my mind.

The main thing that seems to have taken a lot of my energy is my sisters wedding which was last Saturday (14th September) and along with her house completing in the same week, made it very hectic!

So, what has been happening in my life........

Wedding preparations are still massively underway. Not happening for another 20 months, yet the venue, photographer, florist/venue dresser, band, toastmaster & chair covers & sashes are all booked. I like to be organised!

Noah now attends a childminder which has made our lives so much better in that our routine is back as it should be. If anyone ever needs a childminder & is local to Sheppey, contact me for details, she is amazing. Her & her husband in fact.

We've not really done much else to the house at the moment as all our spare cash is going in the wedding fund. It's still a gradual process & Noah's paint for his bedroom is still sitting on his wardrobe waiting to be done. I will find time to do it!!

Other than that, life is pretty much the same. Hectic, never feel like I stop, never feel like I see Noah enough & always on countdown to leave from work.

At least we are now coming up to my favourite time of year; Halloween, fireworks night & Christmas! 
For fireworks night this year, I have seen The Great Lines Heritage Park in Gillingham. It looks like it will be a really big event to take kids to if anyone is looking for somewhere to go.

With each year of Noah getting older, it excites me more & more. That's the pluses of having children. As hard as it seems, working, saving, getting through life's struggles; seeing his face light up when he's happy & excited makes everything worth while.