Wednesday, 10 January 2018

A woman's life

Our Christmas as a family was a write off. Mainly because Tony had the flu which started on the 22nd December and finally disappeared at the end of last week. 

Whilst he was ill, he pretty much slept all day, every day and then couldn't sleep at night, sweating, shivering, coughing...... slowly dying. 
I supplied him with drinks all day to keep him hydrated, as well as the 4 hourly paracetamol that he needed to take. 

Even on my birthday I was awake at 4:30am texting his clients to say he couldn't work, ran him a bath after he had been asleep all day, sat with him in the bathroom and then he went off to bed at 5pm........ on my birthday!!!!


I now have a throat infection, joy. 

Obviously I don't have the deathly illness Tony had, but I feel pretty crap. I feel achy, tired, throat is swollen and agony to swallow, blocked nose etc.

So far I have been to uni yesterday, then came home and slept. Went to the doctors, went to buy a card and voucher for Tony, cooked dinner, did the bed time routine, got up this morning, did the school run, now have uni work to do before getting Noah from school later, doing the dinner and getting him to and from Beavers tonight.

What has Tony done for me so far? 

He's got me a drink, once without me asking for one, and videoed me snoring my head off at 5 this morning to post on social media. 

There were no video's of him on his death bed, with the weird noise he was making whilst asleep the whole time he was ill. And let me explain, there were some very weird noises he was making. Both myself and Noah found it hilarious.
Apparently he couldn't get back to sleep because of my snoring........... that must've been so hard for him 🙄

Don't get me wrong, he was really ill over Christmas, much more ill than I am now, but even if I was as ill as him, I wouldn't have the choice to be as ill as he was. 
The jobs around the house would still need doing, Noah would still need looking after, food would still need to be cooked etc.

Why do the women draw the short straw with illness? And is that why men believe they are more ill than us, because they can actually be more ill than us? 

Women who are ill, but on the school run, doing the weekly shop, continuing as normal because they don't have time to be ill ....... I hear you, I see you, you're the best! 🙋

Signing off with a sniff and a cough,