Sunday, 9 June 2013

It's been a while.....

So hello everyone! I haven't blogged for what feels like forever and it is simply because I have had so much going on.

In fact someone pointed out the other day that my title for this blog doesn't ring very true at the moment, which I suppose they have a good point.

I've had hen do's, weddings, nights out, meals out and general chaos with juggling everything else that goes on in my life.

I am now well in the midst of arranging my, sorry our wedding, which I know is still 2 years away but with so much to organise and it costing a fortune, I need to be completely in control of this whole event! With the countdown well and truly underway for me we have secured a photographer, florist & venue dresser and a toastmaster. The list of things we need goes on, but for the time being I am just making notes in my special little wedding planner book. So exciting, although I try not to talk about it too much, especially to Tony as I don't want him changing his mind through boredom!

We are now into the final month of Noah being a 1 year old and as of the 6th July, the terrible two's stage will officially be upon us. I can't quite believe it, even as I write it, that we will be the parents of a 2 year old! Those years have flown by and that is no exaggeration at all. I know people say time flies once you have children, but I can't explain just how true that it. It does not feel 5 minutes ago that we were home with a newborn and now we are battling the daily torture of being told "No" and chasing after a demon child. Obviously I wouldn't change it for the world, but I feel we are coming up to what could be the worst time of our lives! :-D

I don't know what has happened to Noah lately, but he really can be a complete comparison to Damion the devil child sometimes. We have hitting, kicking, his fist clenched to my face and just the other day biting. We don't know where this has come from, but all we can think is that it is where he is always with the older children at nursery. I even cut his hair short the other day to make sure there is not a 666 stamp somewhere amongst the thick ginger hair, but no, I cannot even blame it on satan. He has just reached the age where he has decided he will use his aggression to get what he wants or that his desire to be a boxer in later life is already showing through.
Lets just say that the naughty corner has taken a fair bashing lately and I'm glad to say it's winning!

He has been off nursery this past week with conjunctivitis and I must admit we have our lovely sweet child back, so I'm thinking we have found the cause of his destructive ways and maybe need to keep an eye on his behaviour once he goes back tomorrow.

As for myself these past fews weeks, I've been feeling much better. Except last night actually when I had my first night in a very long time that I couldn't sleep due to thoughts about Noah's birth etc. It shows that post traumatic stress disorder is something you have to live with forever as 2 years down the line it still rears its ugly head, but its something you have to get on with unless you let it beat you. For me going to work, giving Noah everything he could possible want in life really helps me. Almost gives me a purpose. 
I think the whole coronation street, Tina/surrogacy/her keeping the baby story line, probably isn't helping as it is something that I think about a lot. As this would be the path we would have to take to have another baby and that being my biggest fear, it almost makes it something I couldn't do at the moment.
I think Noah coming up to 2 is probably making me think of it also as I'm guessing we would have been thinking about having another within the next year or so. At least I have the wedding to take my mind off of it a little and give me something to focus on.

I still haven't heard anything about the court case that we are hoping to have regarding Noah's birth and the way it all turned out. We should have an experts report written up by August so big fingers crossed for then!

Just one final thing to make people see just how much being busy, with so many things to do in life, can cause problems.................

I am arranging my sisters hen do for August, she is getting married in September. There are 11 of us going to see a west end show and then out in London for drinks. I wrote up the list of people, gathered all the money, sorted everything out, ordered the tickets, they came a week later, have had them for weeks. Yes, I've had all 10 tickets for that amount of time. Yes thats right, I didn't count myself on the list and now don't have enough tickets! Going to call ticket master tomorrow and see what I can do.

If I can't get a ticket, I shall wait for them in a bar, dressed up for a hen do, on my own!

Story of my life, thats how everything seems to go!

Shall update you on it all soon! Won't leave it as long next time. xx