Thursday, 10 July 2014

General life & all that jazz....

So since I last wrote a post I've been down in the dumps, had time off work, been back to work & am now on annual leave with my little family. The 'happy pills' have started to work, I think! I managed to sit in the doctors waiting room without having a panic attack which is an improvement.

I've had a few social gatherings to attend. One being a BBQ for our friend Noemi's birthday. This ended up quite a drunk affair where we were sipping champagne & cassis 'darlings' as well as drinking beakers of wine! Always a classy affair! Then being such a spritely young thing, I was out drinking again the next night.... Bleurrrrrgh! 
This was a Kisstory 90's night, which had me singing & dancing all night long! Old school garage music is my thing & I was devastated when it finished at 2!

Our annual leave began with me going to see the Libertines at Hyde Park with one of my best friends Lianne. We used to have a thing for Pete Doherty & I must admit I still love him a bit even with the dirt & grime!
This event was slightly different to how we used to go about attending an open air music festival, in that Lianne is 7 months pregnant & we're both old! Still, we had a brilliant time & I managed to have a row on train! So rock 'n' roll! 

The next day was Noah's 3rd birthday, and as we raised the blinds, the rain was falling and our idea of a bbq was feeling a little down the pan. Luckily as it has every year, by the time people started arriving, the sun came out. We had decided against a party this year and so only invited the grandparents and Noah's friends from his baby group. I didn't do party bags, there were no games, just the kids running around like maniacs and 'Spiderman' (Noah) saving everyone.

These 2 weeks off work are for us to potty train Noah and so far this isn't going well. He has been naked all week and still holds in his wee until bursting point before he will let it out. Hopefully by the end of the second week he will be ok with going on the potty but we can only get him to stand above it rather than sit on it. That will be fun when trying to aim a poo!

We had our engagement photo shoot done with our wedding photographer this week too which surprisingly we enjoyed! We're waiting for our photographs to come back now and I am so excited to see them. If anyone is looking for a wedding photographer, please consider Yolanda. She is so lovely and made us feel completely at ease. 

Something we are attending at the weekend is a fun day, arranged by my friend Dawn and a committee of people, for a young boy from Sheppey who was injured when hit by a car a few years back. If anyone is at a loose end with no plans on Saturday, please think about attending the fun day! There are lots of activities to take part in, stalls and general good fun. It's called 'Smiles 4 Miles', 12pm at Sheppey Rugby Club.

And last but most certainly not least me and my friends Keeley & Bex are taking part in the Race for life at Mote Park on Sunday. I was planning on running it, but as Keeley decided to get herself pregnant (so happy for her!) we have agreed we will all walk it together and have a gossip on the way round. 
This is something as most of you are aware, means a lot to me and my family, so want to raise as much money for this cause as possible. You can donate via our Just Giving page and every little helps!

I cannot wait to have 'Eve - Survivor' written on my race number!

Bit of a long post, but felt I had lots of catching up to do! Must post more often and do more informative blog posts for everyone. You guys must be bored of reading my diary!