Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Things to be grateful for

I haven't posted for ages and today whilst sat at home with a poorly Noah, I was thinking about all the things I'm grateful/thankful for.

Our lovely house that I moan about all the time because it's not finished, but it's a little goldmine. We've found ourselves in a very fortunate position because of when we bought and that it's a 'doer upper'.

My job, which as much as I don't like, my colleagues are the best and my new line manager seems decent too. Think I'm going to get on well with him and hopefully feel supported.

My friends. Old friends from years ago, my girls, they know who they are. Always there for each other, always there when I need them, always there when I need to laugh. My newer friends who are some of my best friends too. Can tell them anything, talk for hours, have a laugh and love a gossip. 

My family, my constant in my life. Mum and Dad, still together, still going strong. Dad still driving us all insane and I wouldn't have it any other way. My mum, always been very close, and as much as we are very different people, we enjoy the same things in life. My sister, who I would say I have grown a lot closer to since we don't live together. Have a great bond and would do anything for each other. My brother, the baby, the one we all mother. We're probably most alike but boy is he annoying! But I can't imagine him not being annoying. My nan, who although she is as deaf as a doorpost and drives our entire family crazy, she's amazing and has helped us all when we have needed it.

My fiancé. My rock, my hero who is always there for me. Working his socks off for us as a family and I know he will succeed. He's almost there. He puts up with me, which he needs a medal just for that. He gives me everything he can and does everything to make me happy. He's amazing, and I have never loved anyone like I love him. Not even Mark Owen when I was 12! :-) Our wedding is soon and I cannot wait to marry this man and finally be his Mrs.

My Noah, my ginger one. Absolutely cannot express how grateful I am for him to be in my life. He's such a special little boy, who brings me so much joy every day. He's mischievious, sends me almost over the edge and brings me crashing back with fits of laughter. He is my world, him and his daddy together. Thick as thieves the 3 of us together forever.

After months of having a pretty rough time, I'm trying to appreciate the good things in life. Trying to not let the past get to me too much. 
That's part of my problem and I admit that. I dwell too much on everything that has happened in the past. Not sweating the small stuff.

It's tough! For someone who has constantly lived on the 'why did that happen' thread with every aspect of their life, it's a whole new way of thinking. 

It's all about the present. Forget the past, it's happened. Don't waste the present thinking about the future. Live the here and now and make the most of it.

It's my intentions for this year.

Cheers for reading. xx

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Gary Barlow

As a lot of people are aware, Gary Barlow from Take That (for anyone who really does have their head buried in the sand) has said he will sing at 3 people's weddings this year.

He has already chosen the first two, so I am on a mission to be the third person!

His only criteria is that you are a big fan and that you stalk him on Twitter. For anyone that follows me, I must have been driving you all crazy with my tweets! I have tweeted him hundreds of the times over the last couple of days and it doesn't stop there.

I have taken pics of me in my Take That t-shirts, the eldest being 20 years old! I have quoted memories from all the concerts I have been too as well as explained how I missed the last concert and sold my ticket due to being due to have Noah 2 days after.

If anyone fancies getting in on the act and wants to tweet him, please feel free to do so! 

My Twitter handle is SaraMiles3 and the hashtag is #singatsaraandtonyswedding

I'm hoping my recent paper interview will help, but not sure he has even seen my tweets!

These following photo's are just some of the ones I have been tweeting him, with little stories attached! 

Sad, I know, but I think all of those concerts I have paid to go and see (and my mum paid for when we were younger), he should say thank you by singing at my wedding.

So if you've got a Twitter page, get behind me and tweet for me!