Sunday, 30 August 2015

Festivals.... Fashion or music?

So me and my now husband attended V Festival at Chelmsford last weekend as a mini-moon without our son Noah. 
I have attended festivals before, but it was Tony's first so he was unsure of what to expect.

Im slightly aggrieved that he didn't get to experience festivals as I remember them. I haven't been to a festival for 6 years before this one and wow things have changed. 
Now I'm not sure if it's the impact that social media or shows such as TOWIE have had on people, but the clientele that visited V Festival were not there for the music in my opinion. They were there for being able to post on Facebook that they were at a festival, for arranging their wardrobe before hand and taking millions of selfie's. 

I literally took one pair of shoes, my wellies. In my previous experiences, it is the only pair of shoes you would need, rain or shine, purely because you wouldn't want to frequent the toilets without wellies on your feet. I hadn't planned any outfits, just took a bundle of clothes and hoped I had what I needed, took tonnes of dry shampoo and baby wipes. I certainly hadn't even thought about using a shower whilst away, so had planned on my hair being bundled up on my head come the Sunday.

I shall attach some pictures of me and friends at a few festivals back in 2008.

As you can see from my pics, I think we all look a little grimey, we all need a good wash but ultimately are having a bloody good time! The music was brilliant, we saw some amazing bands and we drank cider for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

The kids at today's festivals are far too pristine! Too many people were having showers and then having their hair styled at the onsite hairdressers!!!! Whaaaaaaat?!?!

Who cares if you smell? Who cares if your hair is greasy? Who cares if you have fallen over so many times that your clothes are muddy? 

It's such a shame that social media has taken over to such a point that kids will never get to know what it is like to have a truly fun time rather than taking a picture to post online showing that they look like they are having the best time. 

Either way, me and Tony had a brilliant time, drank j├Ąger bombs at 11am and loved camping. Our mini-moon was exactly what we needed for time alone. Good fun, people watching and enjoying some music are all some of our favourite things.

I recommend a festival to anyone, but maybe not V festival. TOWIE land is just all too much for a good old party goer like me!

Much love. xx

Monday, 10 August 2015

In the words of Madonna....

I'm a material girl!

I'm probably the least materialistic person to be honest, favouring a spend up in Primarni than any other shop & buying anything that is on offer over named products, but I feel lately like I've got a few money orientated things to look forward to.

Firstly as part of my wedding gift from my now husband, I received a £600 voucher for Christian Louboutin!!!!! Now as most girls will know, this is big news, I can't wait to go to London on 31st of this month to purchase my first pair of red soles.

Plus I also received not only the Pandora ring I asked for, but a surprise Tiffany ring on the way to the venue that means so much to me. I feel like I could easily become a designer whore!

Today we've had a kitchen designed for us and that's given me home excitement, as well as purchase the paint for our hallway.

Whoever said getting old with marriage & kids was boring? Whoever said settling down was going to be a loss of excitement?

So far married life is good! Or maybe I've just realised I'm a spoiled brat? 

Much love. xx

Friday, 7 August 2015

I'm back!

My life has been the most manic it has ever been and I have not posted for so long. But now that I am Mrs Cottenden I will have some time again to keep you all posted with my life!
So, as I said, we are finally married! It was honestly the best day of my life and I'm still in the bubble of constantly looking at photo's and wanting to re-live the day over and over. Everything went perfectly & apart from Tony going out the night before, for only 2 drinks which conveniently continued until 2am the morning of our wedding, I think it is possibly the only day he hasn't annoyed me in some way.
What a big dress and lots of attention can do for a relationship ay!

We've just returned from honeymoon, which was amazing. The 3 of us in Cuba for 2 weeks. Absolute bliss! I already want us to book another holiday! Oh to be rich!

Now we are home, the plan is to decorate the house. Our hallway was plastered for us whilst we were away as a wedding present from the in-laws, so the paint will be bought this weekend. I already know what one we're having. I can't wait.

The other thing on my mind at the moment is that we have just over 3 weeks until Noah starts school and there is no 'trying for a baby now we're married' for us. Boooooooo hoooooooo! It's what married couples do! I was so worried on honeymoon that Noah was bored on his own & needs a sibling, but I think he seems the sociable type to make enough friends.

So instead, it's project house, project body and project career.

Oh and there is V Festival in 2 weeks time for me and Tony. So first of all, it's project young outfits that I can bop around in for a weekend and try to look cool!

Peace out for now. xxx