Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A case of Man Flu

So yesterday was a dull grey rainy Monday & I woke up with a sore throat. I was unsure as to whether this was the effects from my Saturday night out drinking with some of my 'babygroup' girls or if I had eventually caught the lurgy from the ginger one.

Off to work I went & by the late afternoon the sore throat was almost certainly the start of an illness. I had been to the gym at lunch for a quick work out on my own & this hadn't made me feel worse, so maybe I just needed some sleep.

I finished work, went to collect Noah from his childminder & off we trotted home.

It was then the nightmare evening began!

As we were walking up to the front door I realised I had left my key off of my bunch from Saturday night. Tony was working until 6:30 & the only other person with a key was my mum. The thought of driving back to Sheppey to get that when I had just driven from there made me want to cry.
I got Noah back in the car & decided what was the best thing to do. By this point my throat was seriously starting to make me feel ill.

My best friend Bex was coming over for me to highlight her hair, so I had to delay her whilst me & Noah headed to Hempstead for KFC. Every cloud & all that!

I managed to drag the visit out until I knew Tony would be on his way home & we pulled up on the drive at practically the same time. He obviously thought my key mishap was hilarious much to my annoyance & was very pleased with the meal I brought him home.

Whilst doing Bex's hair I was gradually starting to feel more achey & sick. Not that I let her know, as that's all you want when someone is doing your hair!

Once she left for the evening I don't know what happened but I seemed to take a turn for the worse. I honestly believe I was struck with a severe case of Man Flu!
I was shivering, yet I had a temperature. I ached all over & my throat was agony. I had a pounding headache, felt sick & was genuinely doubting I would make it through the night.

After the worst nights sleep in history, I woke up & dragged myself to work. I'm such a trooper (who also is concerned that her recent bouts of sickness will get her a warning).
When I arrived at work, it was apparent my colleague Bianca also has been struck by this dangerous level of Man Flu. We firstly thought the culprit was my ginger son, who has already well & truly joined the Man Flu bandwagon!

Other than feeling a little sicky, achey & still having a sore throat, I feel much better after an evening on the sofa. I think the chance of death is dramatically reduced tonight.

Man Flu is a serious illness people & if you are struck with it, you really do wonder if you have another day left in you. But like many others before, you will pull through & like me, you will live to tell the tale!

Now I need a full recovery ready for my night out on Saturday! :-)

Take care everyone. xx