Wednesday, 17 September 2014


It's the eve of my blood donor awards speech & I'm feeling nervous!!!!

I've read the speech to Tony finally & I think I'm all set. Well as much as I can be.

My outfit is planned. Smart but not over the top for a lunch time do. Just painted my nails & waiting for them to dry, determined to not smudge them.

Arrrrrgh, I'm not a public speaker & yet tomorrow I'm going to be talking to 200 people who potentially saved my life just over 3 years ago! It's scary & exciting at the same time.

Hoping I sleep well tonight & don't feel too sick tomorrow. At last I get my chance to say thank you.

Wish me luck everyone! :-) xx

Ps one of my best friends, who is one of my bridesmaids next year has given birth to a gorgeous baby boy today. She called me to tell me at work around mid-day & it really cheered me up after having a really bad nights sleep.

Welcome to the world little Jude! Look forward to meeting you & giving you lots of cuddles! xx