Monday, 26 May 2014

Feeling broody.....

So this happens every so often, especially when I have seen a new born baby, that I feel very broody again! 

We wouldn't have been trying for another baby until after the wedding next year and when Noah had gone to school (we couldn't afford it otherwise), but I just see a little baby or see Noah playing on his own and have a real urge for another baby at some point.

I have these moments where I'm happy with Noah being an only child and can't imagine loving another child as much as I love Noah, but then I worry he's going to be lonely and bored growing up with just us. 

My mum was an only child as is my best friend and they both assure me he will not be bored and its quite nice not having to share things, including us as parents! Plus Noah could end up with a best friend which takes the place of a sibling (like me, ay Bex)!

Tony always knows when I'm broody again as I mention the fact that if we were rich we could afford surrogacy. He must think "here she goes again, I thought we'd moved on from this and were going to get a nice car instead" :-)
He's good with it all though and is more than aware its going to be a constant emotional battle for the rest of my life. 

I just wonder if there will every be a time when these sort of thoughts are not at the forefront of my mind? Its becoming exhausting! Almost 3 years now I have been battling the thoughts of the second child I will never have and I do a good job of hiding my true feelings. 
I've almost started to kid myself!

Food allergies be gone.....

As some of you know, Noah suffers with eczema quite badly and there was a list as long as your arm of foods he couldn't eat as it brought his skin up in blisters.

We had a hospital appointment for his skin prick test so after the worst journey of my life, encountering donkey hill in the rain due to the main route to Leysdown being closed, we made it to Medway. Albeit it 20 minutes late, but we made it.

With the appointment letter, I received a story to tell Noah about what happens during the skin prick test. All about how it doesn't hurt because of the special water and the nurse is so nice etc.
Well the nurse was nice, but there was no special water! So all 12 needle pricks on his spine was followed by an immediate scream and complete sobbing. It was awful! I hate seeing Noah cry like that and it takes me back to when he had his operation 2 years ago.

We then had to wait for 10 minutes, the whole time Noah still crying and moaning that he wanted his t-shirt on. That was hard work!

When we were eventually called back in, I could see that he had only had a reaction to one of the tests! I couldn't believe that only one thing had come up.

So it turns out he's not allergic to the strawberries, tomatoes, fish, oranges, chocolate etc that we have always thought and instead just has a nut allergy! Nuts were on the list as when I gave him nutella before, his skin was the worst it has ever been, but he has a proper nut allergy! Not just because of his eczema!
Now, I was thinking this opens up a lot more options for what Noah can eat but nuts are in everything! Vegetable oil being one and that really is in every list of ingredients.

So its going to be a new learning curve, but seeing him munching on pizza with me yesterday whilst watching Harry Potter made me smile. Its so good to see him eating more than just chicken! 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Sittingbourne & Kemsley Light Rail

I'm often trying to find new things to do with Noah, places we can take him, especially now the days are getting warmer.

Luckily one of my good friends (Lianne) husband works the same weekends as Tony, so we often find ourselves and our 'darling' two year olds at a bit of a loss together with what to do with them to keep them entertained. Theres only so much Toy Story I can watch! 

Lianne came up with the idea of the little railway that runs in Sittingbourne. We didn't have a clue where it went from, how long it was, how much etc, so I googled it and we decided we'd do that on the sunny bank holiday Sunday.

To find the station, park behind KFC on the business estate. There is a free car park for the light rail and it is well signposted where you need to walk to find the platform.

It was such a lovely little trip! Its an old steam train and at the end of the line there is a cafe, picnic area and play ground for the children. The kids can do a little quiz and there is the station cat ready to scare the kids.... well scare ours anyway the wimps! It really is a quaint little place.

Under 3's go free, over 3's is £3 and adults £6.

Bargain day out, with lots of lovely like minded people and their children.

A little catch up.....

Yet again time has flown by and I've not updated my blog for an age.

I honestly feel like if life doesn't slow down soon, I will internally combust. Its crazy that we are already in May and all getting ready for the summer.

So, what has happened lately? 

Tony has set up a gym in our garden so that he can start offering PT sessions to anyone who wants to lose a few pounds or change their body shape. I know he's my other half and I would sing his praises regardless, but he truly does know his stuff. He has helped me no end, although lets face it, I find it hard to listen to him. Its the equivalent of being taught to drive by your significant other! 
Its his true passion though to do PT work for a living, so he really does enjoy it and fingers crossed it pays off for him in the near future. As I said to him, you need to take these chances in life, for it to ever work. His company is called Top Condition Personal Training and if anyone want to check it out he's on Facebook, Twitter and has a website.

We booked an impromptu holiday to Portugal, 5 days before we went! It all began with me saying that work was really stressing me out lately. I feel I never have enough time with Noah and with saving for the wedding, a holiday was out the window. Tony started looking for a 2 night stay at Euro Disney, something which costs an absolute fortune!!! I told him that Noah can wait for Florida when he's nine! Instead, we started searching for a week away somewhere sunny. The prices were amazing, so before we knew it, we had booked it and was packing our cases. Sorry...... did I say we?!?! Let me rephrase.... I began packing our cases.

The holiday was everything we needed and more. Us three, together, in the sun, no work just the beach and swimming pool. I couldn't thank Tony enough for booking it and we did not want to come home.

We have been home just over a week and already the holiday feels forever ago. I'm trying my hardest not to let work stress me out, but thats never going to happen. I don't know why I let it bother me, but I do, because ultimately its something I don't want to be doing and it is taking me away from spending time with Noah. As well as the job is actually really stressful! 

One of my bestest friends recently went back to work and was finding the process really difficult. I told her the way I think of it is, what do I remember from being 2, 3, 4, 5 years old? Not much to be honest. In fact I don't even remember my first day at school, let alone a fun day I had at home with my mum. I do however remember things I did when I was older, say 9, 10 years old. By going to work now, ensuring we have a good salary coming in, means we can make their memories when they are older, even better than what they would be. Holidays to Florida, endless days out, all the things we need to work now for to make happen.

I know some people say that its not all about money, but when you have NO option but to work, you have to try and put a positive spin on it some how. We don't qualify for any tax credits etc, even with me not working at all, and me not working is not an option. I would not put that stress on Tony to have to earn a certain amount, to have to pay for us as a family all the time when it would be a struggle. I always think he would love to be at home as much as me, so why should I get that perk if he doesn't? 
I don't mean to offend anyone who is in a position to stay at home, but as a working mum, you often feel you have to justify why you work and how you could possibly leave your little cherub to go to work, like we want to do that. Don't get me started on the subject because when I'm on my soap box I won't get off!

Unless of course his PT stuff takes off and he's a successful business man...... then stuff that crap, i'm not working :-P

Life just seems very busy at the moment as always and I could probably cry when I talk about it. But there will be a day, not too far away the speed with which these years are passing by, that we sit back and say wow that was a lot of fun........ we're bored!